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The Brussels Declaration at the Democratic Russia Forum in the European Parliament

Together with other Russian lawyers, legal scholars and human rights activists, our CBA fellow Dr Gleb Bogush supports the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

You can find the document in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages here: BRUSSELS DECLARATION

More information on the Brussels Declaration can be found on the site of Just Security: "The Brussels Declaration: Russian International and Human Rights Lawyers’ Statement on Accountability", written by Gleb Bogush and Sergey Vasiliev.

An interview with Gleb Bogush can be found on the site of the Deutsche Welle in Russian: Трибунал для Путина": российские юристы начали действовать and Ukrainian language: Про "трибунал для Путіна" заговорили російські юристи (interview by Xenia Polskaya, 09.06.2023)

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