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Russian and Ukrainian Societies in the time of War: State, Civil Society, Exile

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, shocked Europe and the whole world. Two years of brutal military conflict have led to significant changes in the political and social landscapes of both countries. Ukrainian society continues to demonstrate resilience, mobilisation, and unwavering commitment to progressive democratic values. However, contradictions and ruptures are beginning to emerge in Ukraine, once united in resistance to the invasion. Meanwhile, the Russian regime has solidified its grip as a dictatorship of fear, intensifying repression and suppressing any internal dissent.

The lecture series “Prspectiven der Moderne 2024” invites to discuss transformations in Russian and Ukrainian state and society, focusing on both internal and external aspects.  Experts will explore societal dynamics, government reactions, and new visions for the future in both countries in their presentations. Additionally, the war led to significant changes in Germany and across the European continent, our lecture series will expand understanding of the war's consequences for German and European socio-political landscapes and regional stability.

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