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Together with other Russian lawyers, legal scholars and human rights activists, our CBA fellow Dr Gleb Bogush supports the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

You can find the document in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages here: BRUSSELS DECLARATION

More information on the Brussels Declaration can be found on the site of Just Security: "The Brussels Declaration: Russian International and Human Rights Lawyers’ Statement on Accountability", written by Gleb Bogush and Sergey Vasiliev.

An interview with Gleb Bogush can be found on the site of the Deutsche Welle in Russian: Трибунал для Путина": российские юристы начали действовать and Ukrainian language: Про "трибунал для Путіна" заговорили російські юристи (interview by Xenia Polskaya, 09.06.2023)

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The Cologne/Bonn Academy in Exile (CBA), founded in June 2022 by the Universities of Cologne and Bonn, is inviting further scholars from Ukraine as well as researchers at risk from Russia and Belarus to join the Academy in the second selection round. The Academy focuses on law, political science, history, cultural studies and linguistics. Of central importance are projects on comparative politics, law and linguistics as well as on European history. Scholars who wish to continue their research at the Universities of Cologne or Bonn are cordially invited to submit their projects. In addition to administrative support, the CBA offers working spaces and academic supervision through subject-specific mentorships in the respective disciplines to facilitate the integration of the researchers into the local, national and European university landscape. In addition to the integration of the fellows into existing networks of the individual institutes, the CBA researchers receive comprehensive advice and support from the Refugee Scholar Support Departments of the Universities of Cologne and Bonn as well as the opportunity to participate in accompanying workshops and other academic formats.

If you would like to continue your research in the CBA network and your project corresponds to the Academy's profile, please feel free to fill out this form and send your project description, CV and relevant references to

New submission deadline: 15.06.2023

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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One year after Russia escalated its prior uses of force against Ukraine into an outright war of aggression against that State we all had to learn bitter lessons.

“Fighting for peace does not mean yielding to pressure of the aggressor, it means protecting people from its cruelty.” (Oleksandra Matviichuk)

We do not know what Europe will look like in yet another year. But we understand that – being researchers and teachers – we cannot rest idle, but have to invest all our efforts to support those fighting and suffering by showing our solidarity with them and reflecting on solutions to restore justice and rule of law.

© Marta Koshulinska

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